Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

I’m all into psychic stuff.  I think it’s neat—whether or not it is real is not really the question.  However, when celebrities think that someone read their mind, I just have to laugh. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jay’s guests for the night were Kim Kardashian and Lior Suchard.  Both Jay and Kim seemed to think that he was legitimately reading them.  (I don’t think either is that good at acting.)  I think that they were being oblivious to the fact that he could figure out what they were going to say by their widely publicized lives, interviews, etc. First of all, Jay had to pick a number off a piece of die.  Jay picked 5, then 1, then 3, then 1.  Lior was able to guess what he picked each time.  Of course, without looking at the screen, I was able to guess the same numbers.  Does that mean that I was reading Jay’s mind?  No.  People, as a whole, tend to pick the same numbers.  Then, he had Kim fold a newspaper several times and ways.  She had to pick a word after it was folded.  She picked the word summer.  He happened to have that word on the back of his shirt.  He also had a statement on the shirt that said that she would pick that word.  Now, assuming that they hadn’t worked on this part together, it still isn’t shocking that he would know what word she was going to pick.  Let’s face it, the girl isn’t that complex.  It’s June, she’s engaged, and she’s pretty much a ditzy person.  What would you expect her to think at this time of year and under these circumstances?  Finally, he said he was going to read her mind.  He asked her the name of the guy she first kissed.  Now, before she said anything about it, he asked her if the guy’s name was Gerard.  This is where she seemed convinced that he was legit.  I don’t think he was being legit, though.  Google Kim Kardashian first kiss.  The first thing that comes up is a link for this.  Screenshot of what comes up: So, yeah…he really had to work hard to get that one right.


aschwab replied to your post Oh, Bill. I could’ve (possibly) forgiven the constant lying to Sookie, but throwing Eric into the cement is just unforgivable. I had a mini break down moment when that happened last season… I was about ready to write very strongly worded letters to Alan Ball over throwing Eric in there. I was also annoyed that they moved the reveal of the deception up by 2 storylines, but I guess that it might help this next season…who knows? BTW – Sookie just revoked Bill’s invitation.  Seeing him fly backwards is rather satisfying.  🙂