Daily Archives: June 9, 2011

You’re from Arizona, right? How is it being so liberal living in a red state? Is it hard? Because I live in NY (born & raised in Queens) and I always how your fellow Arizonians (sp?) responded to your liberal opinions. No, I’m from Alabama, which is also a red state. I think it may even be more red than Arizona, if that’s possible. Being liberal and living here is quite a challenge. I don’t generally talk about politics with most of the people I know from here. I’ve tried, but it generally results in my getting ignored or told that I live in the wrong place to be that liberal or that I’m in the wrong church to be that liberal. So, it’s very frustrating. Some of my friends are “understanding”. I have a few that have similar perspectives, but most are very conservative and are either Southern Baptists, Pentecostal, Mormon, Catholic, Church of God, or Church of Christ. I try to ignore their slams against liberals and I try not to be too pushy with my opinions, though sometimes I blow up at them. Ask me anything