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I got a call back from the cardiologist, regarding an appointment, right before I drifted off to sleep this morning.  My appointment is next Tuesday.  Of course, after I woke up, I figured out what I think has been causing the blood pressure and pulse stuff.

Apparently, the drugs Effexor and Tramadol can both cause Serotonin Syndrome, especially when they are taken together or are taken within a certain time period.  I knew Effexor could do it, but I wasn’t aware that Tramadol was also on the list of drugs that could cause those issues.  I’m still going to see the doctor, in case I’m wrong, but I’m fairly sure that this may be the cause of this latest set of problems.

In other (non-related) news, I just found out that my aunt (the one that I’ve had some issues with as of late) has a Facebook account.  If we were still on good terms, i.e. like we were when I was a kid, then I would add her in a heartbeat.  Now, I’m not so sure.  I mean, why should I add someone who obviously doesn’t really care about me? I guess part of me wants her to be the way she used to be, while this other part knows that she will never be that person again. She thinks she’s better than us and she has a grandson to love, instead of an insane and ill-behaved adult niece. I guess it makes sense that she would want to be around him more.

Oh, and my dad got a check from my other aunt to help with costs related to the storms from April.  That was really nice of her.  Thursday is our day that we can go to First Baptist Church and apply for D-SNAP. That’s definitely a good thing.  Both will definitely be a help to us.

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