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kennedyscandyvan: shadow-lands: So, some of you may have been confused by this…and why he re-tweeted me. So, after the show I went up to Garrett and asked him about what he would name his pet pig if he had one. (Natalie asked me to) He looked at me in shock and said “No! I don’t want a pet pig! That tweet was about a dream I had the other night!” He went on to tell us that he had a mini pet pig. You know how they have like lap giraffes? Like that, but a pig. And it was hairy. (I don’t know why that’s important but he said it, so.) So, he was shaving something, and dropped the razor on the floor, and the pig ate it! And Garrett was like “No! What are you doing, pig!” and it swallowed it and then he had to try to get it out of him. The razor was sticking out of the pigs side and he was like  ”No! My pig is dying! And I literally woke up crying because my pig died.” Then some girl goes “It’s kinda like when you have a pet in your dream and when you wake up it’s not there in your arms.” and Garrett goes “Except it’s DEAD!” And he goes “I don’t like to talk about it….” and I go “I’m so sorry I brought it up.” and hugged him. The End. Garrett marry me omg (Source: http://shadow-lands.tumblr.com/post/5603768038/so-some-of-you-may-have-been-confused-by-this-and)

goodnight-tinyhumans: artofselfdestruction: story-of-ma-life: dammit… OH. SHIT. Oh. Well. This could be a problem. A very big problem. I wonder which study this is. (Source: http://girlfromparis.tumblr.com)

mrlovett: Because Harold Camping, the Christian leader who predicted that the Rapture will be taking place on Saturday, originally predicted that the world would come to an end in 1994. Wait…what?  Doesn’t he know that the Rapture is just some 18th & 19th Century crap that a group of people came up with to convince people to join their religions? 

reasons why i’m not worried about may 21, 2011

tttttspinningneverstops: -lifestartsnow: So I’m casually browsing weheartit looking for some nice things to post. I come across THIS. This is the most disturbing image I’ve ever encountered. Who does things like this? Both women are beautiful. They say “choose wisely” like if being one or the other is a crime. I’m so sad to see this and know that there are people out there who think this way</3 both women may be beautiful but everyone knows which one is healthy and which is not. being fat isnt okay. and its not disturbing. people who are overweight need to lose weight, as hard as that may be. but it is the truth. hate to break it you. i normally dont reblog because i dont post to this tumblr but i needed to to bring up the fact that being fat is not okay. You don’t know which one is healthy and which one isn’t.  You haven’t reviewed their medical records or talked to them.  You’re assuming that because you can see extra weight on one that she would be unhealthy.  She could be extremely healthy, and the smaller girl could be dying of a terminal illness. You can’t tell by the picture. (Source: http://-lifestartsnow.tumblr.com/post/5456156961)