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Let’s see how many notes this will get.

 …and mine was over such stupid things, too. fucking middle school. *frowns*

For being tall and sensitive when I was younger, for being who I am today. :/

For being a lesbian lebanese.

They said that I looked fat enough to be carrying 6 children and that I didn’t deserve to be a girl… Well, fuck them all. >.>


All the time in elementary/middle school

 They’ve called me gay so many times..I lost count. :/

Story of my fucking life

After I transferred to a new elementary school in 2nd grade, I started getting mocked over my weight.  Then at middle school (when I was in 6th grade), a guy from my grade and a few 7th graders (including one who went to my mom’s church) would call me “earthquake” at lunch.  The 6th grade guy ended up needing my help in eighth grade when we were in the same English class.  (And, yes, I did help the guy.)

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