10 Day Challenge: Day 1

Okay, it may seem completely ridiculous, but while I finish up the 30 Days of Truth thing, I’m also going to do this 10 Day Challenge that I saw posted on libere’s tumblr. All 10 prompts are posted at the bottom. The topic for the first day is:

Day 1: Ten Things You Wanted/Want to Be When You’re Older

  1. Teacher
  2. Hairstylist
  3. Fashion Designer
  4. Music Producer/Manager
  5. Psychologist/Therapist
  6. Politician
  7. Doctor
  8. Actress/Singer/Artist
  9. Dancer/Dance Teacher
  10. Writer

The first thing I ever remember wanting to be was a teacher.  It kind of made sense.  My dad’s sister and her (late) husband were teachers down in South Alabama.  (Their daughter, my only female first cousin, has since become a teacher.)  My great-grandmother (mom’s dad’s mom) was also a teacher.  Education was something that was always stressed in my family.  So, for years, I planned to be a teacher.  In fifth grade, I would even sit down and make out potential lesson plans.  Nutty, I know, but I just really wanted to teach.  Of course, that changed at some point in middle school.  I think that as I became more and more anxious, depressed, etc., I became more wary of possibly being a teacher.  It may have also come from some strain that I felt with some (bad) teachers and the school system’s punishment of anyone that they thought was a truant.

I also remember wanting to be a hairstylist from early on.  It always seemed like a wonderful way to show off my more creative side.  I decided against it when I realized that if I messed up someone’s hair, they would have to live with it for a long, long time.

I used to sit at my Nana’s house and sketch clothes in this little notebook that I had down there.  I’ve always had ideas for clothes floating in my head, but I’ve never formally studied fashion design or even sewing.  My designs would probably be rubbish, but I always thought it would be cool to make clothes.  I thought that if I became a designer, then there could be fashionable stuff for people who are above average size or below wealthy financial status.

I don’t remember where the urge to become a music producer or manager started.  I had planned on going to Middle Tennessee State University which has (or had—don’t know if they still have a good one) a good program for music industry related degrees.  I’ve always loved music, and I figured that since I didn’t have the right look for the artist side that I could use my ear to find talent.  I think that my anxiety/depression kept me from pursuing this.

As some (long-time) readers might know, I studied Social Work in college.  I almost graduated with a BSW and was planning on getting a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW).  I thought that my experience with mental health issues (my own and as a friend/family member of folks with them) might help me with the career path.  Of course, my experience ended up being the reason that I couldn’t graduate.  (As I’ve mentioned a few times before, teachers in the program decided that because I was diagnosed at the time with Bipolar Disorder that I couldn’t graduate.  The decision came when I had 2 classes left in the program and after they’d had 3 [almost 4] years of knowledge of my nuttiness.)

In school, I was always running for offices.  I blame some of my family history for the desire to hold power.  I have ancestors who range from royals to local politicians.  I don’t think I could get elected, though, because of my political leanings and the fact that I am open about my mental and medical health statuses.

I was really tempted to study medicine, but my mom told me that I would probably have some issues because of how worn out I get when I miss some sleep.  (I can also get hyper from missing sleep, though.)  So, I never really got to study medicine.

I thought about being a singer and actress for a while.  Though I know that I can actually sing, I’ve been told that my acting skills are a bit on the lackluster side.  (They had been good in high school, but sometime after that, they dwindled.)  I also realized (early on) that I don’t look like someone who would be successful in “the biz”, and (unfortunately) looks are generally more important than talent in show business.

I studied dance from an early age through sixth grade.  I loved it, especially ballet, and I really wanted to teach little kids to dance.  I always felt that dance had the ability to teach children discipline as well as grace and creativity.  After I started spraining joints regularly and was eventually told that I could never dance again, I realized that it would be pretty impossible to teach dance.

I still plan on someday penning novels.  I have a notebook full of ideas, and I really want to write them one day.  I’m always having trouble writing and thinking that its anymore than mindless junk. I’ve always told stories, though.  I used to scribble on paper and read the “stories” to my family, even though nothing was actually written.  I also would write stories on our old Tandy computer when I was in preschool and elementary school.  Some of the stories were printed out and donated to my first elementary school.  They bound them and put them on display in the school’s library for a while when I was there.

The Prompts

Day 1: Ten Things You Wanted/Want To Be When You’re Older

Day 2: Nine Things You Can’t Live Without

Day 3: Eight Places You Want To Visit

Day 4: Seven People Who Inspire You, and Why?

Day 5: Six of Your Favorite Books

Day 6: Five Things You Can Eat Everyday

Day 7: Four Songs That Describe Your Life Right Now

Day 8: Three favorite Cartoon Characters

Day 9: Two Movies You Absolutely Love

Day 10: One Quote That Describes Your Life Right Now

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