Two Little Ducks

I had an appointment with my first rheumatologist yesterday.  He seemed more concerned than he had in the past few times I’d seen him.  Of course, he was still dismissive about certain things, including that the Zanaflex makes me get excessively dizzy.  He said that there was no way for it to do that because it has a half life of less than four hours.  (According to the official information about the drug, it can stay in the system for up to a day.)   He asked me if I work.  I told him no, so he told me, “Just stay in bed longer.  It isn’t like you have anywhere to be.”  Okay, I get that I’m at home all the time, but that doesn’t mean that I want to spend hours (or even a whole day) watching the ceiling spin and feeling like I will fall over because I take one pill to deal with pain.  Just because I’m at home doesn’t mean that I want to feel disoriented all the time.

He was happy about one thing.  In the six months that it had been since I’d seen him, I had lost 22 pounds.  He asked if I was exercising.  I said no.  When I got home and told my mom, she said that it was no wonder that I was losing weight.  She said that she’d noticed that I’m not really eating anymore.  The only things that I’ve been eating (regularly) lately are pizza rolls, chocolate, and crackers.  I know that those are all junk, but that regular  junk doesn’t make me as sick as 1 healthy meal.

Oh, my mom found out this week that she has gone back into kidney failure.  We’re not sure if it is from medicine or from her health in general.  She’ll be going back to see the nephrologist that she saw after the 2008 sugar drop issue.  I’m hoping that it can be controlled again, but I’m worried that even if it is controlled, it will continue to be a possibility for the rest of her life.

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