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Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #7)Burnt Offerings by Laurell K. Hamilton

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I was really hoping not to be disappointed by this book, especially after I really enjoyed The Killing Dance. It was quite good, but not as good as that particular book. Burnt Offerings was great, though.

The Council coming to town added a little flair that the series hadn’t really had before, though the added violence, especially the increase in the number of rapes and rape attempts, was a bit disconcerting. Other than the issue of the number of rapes, the biggest problem that I could find with the book was the overwhelming amount of subplots. I understand that there is a need for some subplot action, but this book was almost too tedious to keep up with because you had to remember so many different twists. It seemed way too busy, like there was something that was missing and Laurell K. Hamilton was trying to make up for it.

I know that Richard was hurt in the last book, but his character wasn’t very sympathetic, even when you take into account what he’d been through. (I don’t really get how he thought that Anita was cheating on him, even though he knew that there was always a possibility of her having sex with Jean-Claude because of their dating arrangement.) He seemed to be a bit too angry and too edgy and lost even more of the potential good guy vibe that he’d originally started out with.

Learning more about Jean-Claude and his past with Asher and Julianna was really a great aspect of the book. I like that the author has taken the time to explore his past and give more explanations for what has gone on throughout his history.

Anita was a lot more of a sympathetic character than she has in books past. She was a lot more human, even with her escalating powers. The fact that it seems that so many of her friends are pulling away from her made her even more of a likable and admirable character. She’s gone from being practically a sociopath and/or bully to having a more vulnerable underdog stance.

Even though it wasn’t as great as the previous one, I felt like it was definitely a worthwhile read and like I will definitely be continuing with the series.

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