Wow…troll much?  You made some comments on your blog about how anyone reblogging it or believing it lacked a life and that folks should go outside and “risk getting snatched up for once. That shit’s fun.”  

First of all, what kind of life do you have that you have to get your kicks on something like this?  Shows some obvious lack of fun in your life.

Secondly, yeah, it does seem ridiculous to be taken by a bearded man in leopard underwear, but still…some folks might believe it.

Third, since you weren’t actually kidnapped, how would you know that it’s fun?  Yeah, faking it might be fun.  Getting all this attention was probably a rush for you.  But let’s say that you were actually kidnapped…how much fun do you think you would be having?  Very little, unless you get your kicks on that level of BDSM-ish behavior.

Finally, I really wish that EncyclopediaDramatica was still around instead of Oh Internet, because I think the entry on you would be quite fun.  Then you wouldn’t just be  tumblr famous, you’d be infamous as a troll.

BTW – Did you know that there was actually a girl a few years ago named Brittney Hart who was kidnapped & killed?  

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