We were broke college students (she was graduating in a couple months and I was in graduate school). We didn’t think we’d be able to afford a baby and didn’t feel ready. We went back the next day, together. She took another pregnancy test and it came back positive again. We asked for pamphlets so we could think about our options. The nurse got the pamphlets, sat down next to us, held our hands and looked right into our eyes: “You’re going to have this baby and be great parents.” It wasn’t said to pressure us or with a tone of judgment. It was said with love and compassion. She knew we were just scared. “No one ever feels ready,” she told us. The nurse explained that she’s been doing her job for 25 years and has helped many patients make the difficult choice to have an abortion. She told us that the simple fact that pregnancy wasn’t planned shouldn’t mean that we immediately resort to abortion.
Some of you may say she should have just minded her own business. That it was our decision an ours alone. But we didn’t need a cold ultimatum. We needed a loving, considerate, and thoughtful motherly figure to let us know that we’d be OK. She’d been doing abortion counseling for long enough to recognize that we would be thrilled once we got past the initial fright. We began crying with an elation I can’t begin to describe.
Liam turned 7 months today. We’re stressed at times, sure, but oh so happy. Thank you Planned Parenthood.

Yet another side of the issue, from Reddit, here.

[Added by moderator: And this is the point, right?  That Planned Parenthood is a family planning clinic, not just abortion doctors.  They don’t force people to abort babies.  They are trying to help people figure out their lives.]

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WHAT? You mean Planned Parenthood isn’t a corporate abortion overlord that coerces women into having abortions so that they can keep their “well over 90%” abortion rate up?!

I can’t believe Abby Johnson and Jon Kyl lied to me. What is the world coming to?

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