Like, I’m not even bothered that people actually believed the post anymore.




I’m irritated that people I don’t know are saying they knew me… and calling me “Britt”. I do not know these people. I have never seen these people or known of their existence. The lies are just…

Why shouldn’t they lie?  You got to lie.  Why not let them?

There’s a difference between the art of Troll and BLATANT LIES.
These people are NOT trying to make a joke out of something, they are seriously LYING about knowing me… like.. they actually want people to believe that shit. You dumb ass people were supposed to read that and go “LULz this is funny!” But no…. you guys are gullible tards who either don’t know how to take a joke or take the joke waaay too seriously. Get out. You’re an idiot.

You’re right.  There is a difference.  A troll is a liar who gets off on making fun of other people.  They’re more akin to sociopaths than most other liars.  Since you dislike the “dumb ass people” of tumblr and seem to think yourself to be somehow better than others (another sociopathic tendency), why not go somewhere else?  I hear MySpace is always looking for visitors.

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