Review: The Killing Dance

The Killing Dance (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #6)The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton

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I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, especially after the disappointment that was Bloody Bones. Laurell K. Hamilton pretty much redeemed herself in this book. The writing was much better, though there were some proof-reading issues.

The characters definitely became more defined than they had been in the past. Unfortunately, I still think that Anita Blake is too dependent on violence, but she the fear from the threat to her life did allow her to be a bit more human and quite a bit more likable. I definitely feel that Richard is excessive in his childish behavior, and I don’t know that he could be the alpha that he wants to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if (at some point) Richard ended up being as much of a monster as Marcus and Raina had been. His “inner darkness” seems to be more like an almost unrestrained abusive nature. Jean-Claude once again became the most likable member of the main character brigade, proving himself to be the better man.

I am happy that there was some resolution to some story-lines that had continued for too long. Even with the heightened level of violence and sexuality, this book actually seemed the least soap opera like book in the series. It seemed to have a rawer edge that gave it more power than any of the previous books in the series. Hopefully, the edge will remain in the future books, but I have been disappointed in the past with this series, so I can’t help but be worried that the future will hold some level of disappointment.

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