Just Floating

I have been sick. I’ve had what appears to be the worst sinus infection that I have ever had. My mom and I think it may be the same one that has been dismissed by the ENT as allergies. (The allergist said I had 3 allergies and none were bad enough to make me this sick.) This would be the infection that came along about 2 or 3 months after my sinus surgery last year.

It isn’t really in my sinuses so much anymore. It’s pretty much everywhere else in my body (fever, swollen lymph nodes, chills, etc.), so that would explain the lack of icons, blog entries, etc. It isn’t that I’m purely being lazy. It’s that every time I’m awake and doing anything that requires more than the simplest of brain functions, my body seems to be about ready to fall over. What have I been doing? Reading and listening to music. I’ve posted some on tumblr and I’ve been doing reviews and opinionated stuff—because I’m more tempted to speak my mind when I’m running a real fever.

After two weeks of it being really bad, I finally went to the family doctor. I didn’t see mine, but the doctor that I saw was really nice and really concerned. She had to go see what anti-biotic could be used, because of the Ceclor-Septra-Penicillin-Zithromax allergy + the fluoroquinolone toxicity. I ended up with Doxycycline and I had to promise to go to the ER if I started showing any signs of allergy. So, I’ve been on that for a couple of days and its been less than fun. Hopefully, I will start feeling better soon, though.

Oh, I was watching CNN yesterday and I saw the latest Idol results, which don’t usually concern me. This time I saw a name that looked familiar. Apparently, Paul McDonald, a friend from high school, was on American Idol and got voted off. How did I miss this? Clearly, I haven’t been paying as much attention to Facebook updates as I should have. If I had known, I definitely would have voted for him, even if I’m not a big fan of the show. (Oddly, I always seem to end up getting the latest albums from a lot of the people from the show.)

So, I feel crappy in the whole sick way and I feel like a crappy friend.

Probably doesn’t help that now my mother is sick and seems to want to blame a lot of stuff on me. I really wish that she would stop blaming me for things whenever she feels bad. This week I’ve been the cause of the financial burden, the cause of her sinus infection (I even got called an idiot for not getting it taken care of sooner), the cause of something getting lost (something I’ve never seen), etc. She’s in a bad mood and it apparently is my fault. And before anyone suggests I leave or anything, I want you to remember that 1.) I have no way to leave and 2.) I own the damn house I live in and I get held legally/financially responsible for anything wrong with it, so I shouldn’t have to leave. I would love to go away and never come back, but it won’t happen. I’m stuck here. I’ll always be stuck here.

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