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Bloody Bones (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter)Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

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Oy. I’ve tried to be positive about the Anita Blake books, but this book has been the worst in the series, by far. I almost gave up on it a few times, but I stuck with it.

There weren’t as many issues with this one & the blatant copy-paste issue that existed in The Lunatic Cafe or other books from the series, but I would’ve almost traded anything to have those instead of the awkward prose that did exist. I wondered at times if maybe I got a version of the book that just had a choppy writing technique, but I have a feeling that there was no difference in the edition I had as compared to the original hardback version.

The plot was not as easy to follow, and the bad guys were all way too transparent. The only character that really had any decent development was Jean-Claude. (His past was nice to learn about.) Anita’s past, though, became almost too annoying to constantly go over. I understand why her past had to be covered, but I almost felt like reading about her “pain” was some kind of cruel chore that an abusive parent might force a child to do.

I don’t understand why Anita, as the narrator, cannot be more of sympathetic character. Sometimes, it seems like reading her thoughts is like having insight to the school bully. She’s such a jaded and rude character that her snide remarks don’t come off as some kind of snarky wit, but instead come off as the ideas of a character that thinks that she is truly better than anyone else in existence. That arrogance is extremely off-putting. She’s also extremely fragmented in her personality when it comes to monsters. Anything or anyone who has any sort of superhuman ability seems to be labeled as a monster & all monsters must be killed, but if she has any kind of warm fuzzy feelings for you, then you’re safe. This seems to be a major conflict in her mind, and (since she’s the narrator) it gets brought up over and over. It makes me, and probably others, just wish that some big bad monster would off her already.

And why must we keep being reminded that she hold such a moral standard with regards to sex? It’s disgusting to read about her saint-like prudence, and then turn a page and see that she will kill anyone and not have the slightest bit of grief over their death. She’s practically a sociopath when it comes to violence, so it makes the quasi-virginal attitude all the more intolerable to read about.

I will continue to read the novels, but I hope the rest get better.

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