You Are a Ray of Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Wells Fargo and I have been at odds again, but this time I think there might be a happy ending. You see, I signed up for a program back in January called “Purchase Shield”. I didn’t want said program, but they said that there would be a $1 charge the first month ($14.99 after that) and I could drop the program anytime. (If I had said that I didn’t want the program, they would’ve hung up and called every day to convince me until they had a new program to bug me about.)

Well, I told them that I didn’t want to be a member of the program anymore, after about two weeks of membership. Of course, they hadn’t charged my account, even though I’d received brochures about my new membership in the program. Since there had been no charge, they couldn’t remove me from membership in the program. The first time that I saw the charge for the program was March, and it was the $14.99. I asked them (via email) to remove me from the program and to refund the money, since I had been unable to drop the program when I had originally wanted to. I was promised it would be done. I thought it had been fixed.

Fast forward to April. I see that I have been charged yet again. I send a nastier email, though no cussing or any sort of threats (so I guess I should get points or cookies for that) were made. I was not amused. I got an email fairly soon after that stating that they were initiating an investigation, which in itself sounds terrifying. The investigation started about a week ago, and I got an email today stating that the investigation was completed. Apparently, they have determined that an error did take place and they will be adding some amount of funds back to my account. Temporarily they have refunded the $14.99 twice.

Hopefully, the situation has been fixed. I really hope it has, at least.

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