Daily Archives: February 25, 2011

Really hard to be unfair to be [sic] both Islamic extremism and Reform Judaism in one statement but he pulled it off. ilyagerner, in response to kohenari’s post about Glenn Beck’s comparison of Reform Judaism to Islamic Extremism

Yeah, we do silly things for women. I’ve climbed walls up to windows and I’ve broken down doors. Not in an aggressive like, stalkerish way, not in an illegal way — well, it may have been illegal — but it was romantic at the time. Andrew Garfield (via buttnakedboy) #I’ve murdered some ex-boyfriends dismembered a couple of nosy neighbors I’ve once or twice had to take care of the yappy dog next door oh and this one time I surgically removed someone’s heart and gave it to a girl that was definitely illegal but it was romantic at the time (via bluetotheleft)