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The girl with the housekeeper is talking about deleting her blog because of the one post.  I think that deleting one’s blog because of internet drama is one of the first steps to becoming an chronic purveyor of said drama.  Most of the people who make these threats don’t follow through.  Those who do follow through will generally come back and say or do something just as bad, if not worse.  The best way to make drama go away is to ignore it.  Plain & simple.

Ignore it? Including the comments you, yourself said to and about her? Would you have said all of those things, reblogging her post, if you just expected her to ignore them?

Obviously, she is hurting because people out there blew it way out of proportion and are now calling her a racist. If the same things were being said about me and 75% of tumblr was coming to my ask box and attacking me, I’d contemplate deleting too.

Here’s the thing. If people would have reblogged her post and stated their opinions in a civil way instead of calling her things like ignorant, stupid, immature, and a brat it would be a different story. But the majority of people were just attacking her. Yourself included.

If she is allowed to demean a person based on their lack of skill in a certain language, then why is it suddenly wrong for people to demean her? Because she was ranting?  Well, I was ranting, too.  Is my rant suddenly so much worse than hers because she can read mine in response?  She called her housekeeper stupid.  I called her ignorant and a brat.  Ignorance fits given her original post and her subsequent justifications.  Brat pretty much fits, too, since she seems to think that she is entitled to 1.) a housekeeper and 2.) a housekeeper who knows her language.  It makes her sound like she thinks she is better than the housekeeper and (potentially) people who can’t afford to have help and have to make it without having someone to come in and clean up their mess.

I get what you’re saying about the “stupid housekeeper” comment. I can assure you, she probably regrets saying that. But the fact is that she is a sixteen year old girl. How old are you? Probably five to ten years older than that. You don’t have a right to bully her about something that is a matter of opinion. Whether she’s right or wrong isn’t the issue. She’s young and she has feelings and she’s going to make mistakes. 

Also, I’m pretty certain that she wasn’t the one who HIRED the housekeeper and held the ultimate decision to have one. Again, she’s sixteen years old. No where in her original post do I see ANYTHING that resembles her thinking that she is better than anyone.

I am so sick of people saying that 16 is a child or is somehow that much less mature than someone who is 18.  In 2 years, she will be expected to know better, but right now she’s allowed to get away with her behavior because somehow she shouldn’t? At 16, she is old enough in a lot of places to be charged/convicted as an adult, have sex with an adult, and make decisions that have life-altering repercussions.  Sixteen is not as sweet and innocent as people seem to thing.

Calling her ignorant or a brat isn’t bullying.  And yeah, she’s young and has feelings.  We all have feelings.  It doesn’t matter how old someone is, they’re going to have feelings unless they’re a sociopath.  

I read some of her responses to other people via those anonymous questions that folks would leave and the reblogs.  Her attitude in those implied a sense that she was somehow entitled to certain things in life.  She doesn’t have to have the housekeeper do any of her cleaning or whatever.  She can choose to do that for herself.  She can offer to help out more, but she expects it to be done by someone outside of the family and she expects that person to meet her own criteria.

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