It’s Not All in My Head

I’m sorry but I must disagree with your assessment of the visit. I took a full history, reviewed available records and did a complete rheumatologic physical exam (which I know is more detailed than most). I ordered appropriate labs and all they are returning normal and negative for rheumatic disease. I am aware that you have musculoskeletal pain and I acknowledged that but I have no treatment for chronic undifferentiated pain syndrome. I have been practicing for > 30yrs and this has allowed me to be more efficient in my evaluations that most. Again , I would recommend that your MD have you evaluated by a pain specialist.

The exam wasn’t complete. Going through the motions isn’t a complete exam. The appropriate labs probably wouldn’t be back by now, since it generally takes more than 36 hours to get lab results back on anything other than simple tests. Pain is not the same as inflammation and it isn’t the same as all of the dryness going on everywhere. The syndrome that he mentioned in the email, which wasn’t mentioned at the appointment, is (from what I can tell) a somatoform diagnosis—meaning that it’s all in my head. So basically, I hurt, feel like crap, etc. because I’m a nutter.

The last time that a doctor diagnosed me with a somatoform illness and stuck with that diagnosis was when I was 13 and I was having problems with my gallbladder. That doctor thought that I was just really anxious and causing the stomach pain. She continued that stance after the surgery to remove the gallbladder. So, I don’t really take stock in doctors who outright say that it is all in my head. And if it were a somatoform issue, then you know what the treatment is? Therapy and anti-depressants. What have I been going through on near-constant basis since I was 16 and off-and-on since I was 13. Yeah, those two things.

Now, it could be that I’m just crazy, but I really don’t think so. (I know that’s supposed to be part of the whole diagnosis with the problem.) I just don’t think it’s possible for me to fake this much stuff. I think it’s more likely that the doctor is just an arrogant ass who didn’t care to look into what might be going on.

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