If you want to be a citizen in OUR country.




Learn OUR language

Little girl, you are 16 years old so let me tell you a valuable lesson before someone hurts your feelings horrendously (not that I’d give a damn, really) in the future.

#stupid housekeepers    #I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING

Is absolutely unacceptable in any way shape of form.

Let me see you try and move from a place you’ve lived all your life where the language is COMPLETELY different than the one you need to learn to speak in another country as an adult, hell, as a child! I’m in my twenties and I’m learning Spanish and it is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to learn.

Before your ignorance spreads itself through Tumblr, let me help you.

Instead of insulting and looking down at the woman, why don’t you try and HELP her. Or perhaps, since she’s your housekeeper, try and meet her halfway and YOU learn some phrases in her language so your communication could be better.

You’re already so privileged and transparent that it’s really just breaking my heart. Especially considering that there are about a million more people like you right now as we speak.

Either you take a step back and evaluate what you said or you just don’t procreate. You can do both, actually but I would prefer you evaluate yourself first.

they have enough money to hire a housekeeper, so why don’t they pay for her english classes too? :/

Good point

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