If you want to be a citizen in OUR country.




Learn OUR language

Little girl, you are 16 years old so let me tell you a valuable lesson before someone hurts your feelings horrendously (not that I’d give a damn, really) in the future.

#stupid housekeepers    #I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING

Is absolutely unacceptable in any way shape of form.

Let me see you try and move from a place you’ve lived all your life where the language is COMPLETELY different than the one you need to learn to speak in another country as an adult, hell, as a child! I’m in my twenties and I’m learning Spanish and it is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to learn.

Before your ignorance spreads itself through Tumblr, let me help you.

Instead of insulting and looking down at the woman, why don’t you try and HELP her. Or perhaps, since she’s your housekeeper, try and meet her halfway and YOU learn some phrases in her language so your communication could be better.

You’re already so privileged and transparent that it’s really just breaking my heart. Especially considering that there are about a million more people like you right now as we speak.

Either you take a step back and evaluate what you said or you just don’t procreate. You can do both, actually but I would prefer you evaluate yourself first.

Wow. My ignorance? How about this. Don’t judge me. I am privileged, yes. And I thank the Lord every day for that. I also can tell you that I am TRYING to meet her halfway. But she knows 3 words of English. And I can tell you right now, that 75% of Cubans in Miami have never even TRIED to learn English. I know it is hard to learn another language because I HAVE to learn Spanish to GRADUATE high school.

I am not transparent. Now get off my blog.

Actually, it does seem like your ignorance is quite transparent.  Learning a second language at an adequate level for conversations is extremely difficult.  You’re basically expecting someone to quickly learn how to become fluent in a language that is completely different to her own.

First of all, English is insanely difficult.  Think about it this way.  You’ve been in school about 10 years, yes?  You’ve been formally studying English for those 10 years and you probably still have yet to master it in a way that it would make sense for every English speaker in the world.  (Every area has different dialects, idioms, rules, etc.)  You’ve spoken it probably for another 5 years without formal education.  It actually took you those 5 years to master it at a competent-enough level to handle school-level English.  Now, you were lucky to have learned it at a young age.  The younger a person is, the easier it is to learn all those quirky little English words and rules.  As an adult, learning a language can be insanely hard for a person.

Secondly, English is not the official language here.  One does not have to speak English to conduct business in the country.  If you want it to be the end-all-be-all, then contact your legislature.  I’m guessing that with your mention of Miami, you’re in Florida.  You might consider asking your local representatives to try to change that if you want to force your ignorance on the rest of the country.

Third, what exactly does this housekeeper do that you can’t do yourself?  Is it cook?  At 16, you should have basic skills in that.  Is it cleaning?  At 16, you should have more than basic skills at that.  Laundry?  Honey-child, if you intend to go to college, you’re going to need to learn that skill.  I’m assuming that these are the things that you have done for you by your housekeeper, and I’m here to tell you, “Learn to do that shit yourself.”

How do you know that 75% of Cubans don’t try to learn English?  Have you seen some study that gives you evidence to back up that claim?  I’m sure that if there’s such a definite percentage, then you must’ve read it in some kind of Sociological or Political Science journal.

Oh, I have one other thing to tell you.  Stop sounding like a brat and grow up!

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