Never accept a drink from Rachel Berry. She doesn’t know how to mix. Artie, on the other hand, can make a mean Bloody Mary. Something went down in the tent in “Brokeback Mountain”. People who know how to fucking PARTY: Blaine Anderson. Will doesn’t give two shits about his Spanish class. GLEE CLUB FOREVER! The Hummel-Hudson family has an awesome Realtor.  Bieste is still the sweetest bitch ever. Somewhere in the world, Burt Hummel is googleing gay sex. Figgen’s paster knows waaaay too much about what goes on in the Glee club. Finn, while very well equated with the party scene, has no problems being the designated driver. Brad really is just always around. Sue can be down, but she’s never out.  Emma gets off on weird shit. She was totally turned on my Will’s drunk dial humiliation. Undecided if sexual experimentation is wrong, but apparently when you figure it out, it makes you have to pee.  Ke-dollar sign-ha is that rapper who did the song ‘Tick and also Tok’ The only thing you can rely on is your headband.  Waking up in your best friend’s bed, while adorable, pretty much means your friend is getting the talk. What does Will have to live for other than Glee and beer? …. nothing.  Drink responsibly, everyone.

Everyone please, Do not Panic.: Things I learned for BIOTA…

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