Rihanna Has No Love For Ryan Phillippe


Rihanna (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) Singer Rihanna attends The Brit Awards 2011 held at The O2 Arena on February 15, 2011 in London, England.

Word on the street is that Ryan Phillippe got shot down by Rihanna. At Gucci’s pre-Grammy party on Saturday, Ryan supposedly asked Rihanna about her plans for the night but Rihanna signalled that she was going to bed. Good Lord, I know Rihanna’s a big star and all now, but seriously, how can anyone not want to go out with the man? IT’S RYAN PHILLIPPE, FOR GOODNESS SAKES! FYI, Ryan found his replacement for Rihanna later that night in the form of a pretty brunette.

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