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MA Republican Senator Scott Brown revealed that he was the victim of sexual abuse as a child by a counselor at a religious camp and by his stepfather.  Like other survivors, he was very brave to come forward.  His very visible position and his gender make his case slightly more unusual.

I, being cynical about most Republicans, had to double-check his website for his position on abortion.  Someone having been sexually assaulted — particularly as a child and in a semi-incestuous case — and not supporting abortion would have resulted in a much different post.  (He does support abortion but also supports parental notification and consent.)  Given the case that just came to light in Germany where a man is charged with “350 counts of sexual abuse — tormenting his daughter, stepdaughter and stepson for over 20 years”, I can’t quite wrap my head around forcing those children to keep the pregnancy that resulted from these rapes.

I am grateful to Mr. Brown for coming forward about his experiences, since I know of people who don’t believe men can be sexually assaulted.  Hopefully his stories will help dispel that incredibly harmful fallacy.  I hope that he and those affected by the German case can find peace one day.

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