I Got Cultured

Well, the stuff in my navel did. I had a different doctor today, and he was a bit more interested in the stuff. First, he noticed that my BP was a bit on the high side (154/95; pulse: 128; last night it was 140/104; pulse: 130) and he checked my heart/lungs. Then, he pressed on my abdomen, which has gotten more and more tender. He didn’t try to swab or anything, but went to ask an attending and do some research. When he came back, he asked about my gastric bypass surgery. I told him that my navel had been one of the incisions back then (in 2003) and that it had also been an incision spot for my gallbladder surgery (in 1997). He said that the incision spots can sometimes develop ulcers even almost 10 years out. He did some more research and came back and had me lay back again. This time he approached it with one of the otoscopes and looked in it. He had to clean it some and tried again. He didn’t see anything, but could tell that it was an infection of my umbilicus. He went to consult with other doctors and they decided to get a culture of my navel.

If I have any kind of infection that can’t be treated by Bactroban, they’ll give me oral antibiotics. (He mentioned clindamycin.) He suggested that I not use anymore Q-tips because he thought that might have caused it. (Doubtful, since the Q-tip was used after the blood & stuff came out.)

I almost didn’t get seen today, because when I called the clinic, the receptionist had me schedule an appointment for tomorrow. My mom thought that was crap, so she called in and basically berated the woman until they found a spot for me for today. The woman said that my chart said that the doctor left a note in the chart saying I should come in tomorrow to see my regular doctor, which was crap. She kept claiming that I’d made the appointment on Monday, but my mom wasn’t having any of that. She got so intense that I think that everyone in the house (including Willow) was a bit afraid of her. (Mom’s convinced it is something bad and that I might die, which could be true, but isn’t necessarily.) I was a bit happy that she was here to do that for me, since I have trouble vocalizing things sometimes.

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