AUBURN, Alabama – Auburn University today confirmed that an herbicide commonly used to kill trees was deliberately applied in lethal amounts to the soil around the Toomer’s Corner live oaks on campus, and there is little chance to save the trees. The trees are the traditional gathering place following a major sports victory. Auburn Tigers fans festoon the trees with toilet paper as a jubilant sign of Auburn pride. Most recently, of course, it was the scene of celebration for Auburn’s victory over the Oregon Ducks in the BCS National Championship game on Jan. 10. The city of Auburn Police Division is investigating the situation, and the application of this herbicide, known as Spike 80DF, or tebuthiuron, is also governed by state agricultural laws and the Environmental Protection Agency. The university does not use Spike herbicide, officials said. Officials did say there is no reason to suspect any human danger from the herbicide, which manufacturer Dow Chemical says should be applied with proper clothing protection; a typical use of the herbicide is to kill trees along fence lines. The university learned that a caller to The Paul Finebaum Show, a nationally syndicated radio show based in Birmingham, on Jan. 27, claimed he had applied the herbicide. […]
I fucking hate people sometimes. Those trees have been at that school since before my grandmother was a student there. My parents took me to see those trees as a little kid. I rolled them with my friends during 5 years of football seasons, and walked under them at least once a week my entire college tenure. What kind of asshole does that?! I hope they find you and arrest you. Go DIAF.

Auburn’s historic Toomer’s Corner oaks poisoned with herbicide, likely to die | al.com

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