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My appointment at the family doctor was a bit of a waste. My doctor wasn’t there, but the doctor who was was very nice. Hell, even the nurses were pretty nice. She checked my belly button, but didn’t have a cotton swab, so she had to kind of MacGyver it. When she put her little plastic stick with a piece of gauze in, she stuck it in the typical 1/2″ and said that there was a little bit of stuff, but not enough to tell what was going on. (My belly button is a little over 2.5″ deep, so 1/2″ is not really deep enough.) She told me to keep an eye on it and if I started having any nausea, vomiting (which she pronounced womiting), fevers, chills, severe pain, or a rash that I should come back in immediately. She also said if there was any evidence of pus to come back in immediately. So, in the traditional luck of the Janet, as soon as we got home, there was pus in there. Of course, that was at exactly 5:03PM, and even though the doctor would’ve still been there at that point, there was no way that I could call her and tell her that I was coming right back.

She did give me a prescription for Mupirocin (Bactroban), which I still haven’t used. (Bad me, I know.) It’s not that I don’t want to treat it, but I want to make sure that it is being treated the right way. So, I figure that by the time I get my dad up this morning (at around 10), there will be more pus. So, I should be able to head right over there this morning, if I don’t clean it out again, and show whoever is there. I may need to get them some swabs and show them that they need to go a little further than the normal depth of a navel.

As for my nurse appointment yesterday, it went fairly well. The nurse, Tamie, was pretty nice. She wrote my prescription for Effexor, and went over my allergies list with me. She also said that she would take the Risperdal out of my list of current medicines, since the psychiatrist had left it on there. She even managed to get my psychiatrist to sign the prescription while I sat there. Her part of the appointment was pretty good. The wait, though, sucked majorly.

I had made the appointment the last time I had therapy and I was given a card that said 2/14/2011 at 9AM. When I got there at about 8:40, I was expecting (at most) at 30-40 minute wait. Well, by 9:25, I hadn’t been seen. I went to ask the med receptionist if the nurse had forgotten I was there. She said my appointment was at 10AM. I told her that that was odd since they (meaning she) had said 9AM when I scheduled it. She just shrugged and said, “Nope, its at 10.” Then, in this annoying little brat-like voice, she said, “Sorry.” It even had that kind of whining sneer that you expect from some kind of asshole, but not from a receptionist at a medical office.

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