Ain’t It Funny

Today, the wonderful school that I attended with the Social Work program that kicked me out for being nutty is having to respond to its accreditation board over the concerns about the relationship the school has with the AAMURI. The school might lose its accreditation, which I think might be kind of funny. It doesn’t surprise me that there might be some fishy stuff going on there. With the always changing board of trustees (whenever any of them show up, they resign or vote other people off the board) and the tendency to get new Presidents almost every other year, the school doesn’t really give off a very stable vibe.

Oh, today, I have to go see the nurse at the Mental Health Center. I scheduled an appointment with one of the nicer ones, though they claim that all of the nurses there are nice. (That’s simply untrue.) I just hope that I don’t get a last minute change to the one that I had the argument last time. I wish that I could see the psychiatrist instead, because nurse appointments tend to be a bit odd. The nurse basically “takes the order” for the prescriptions you need and then has to wait until a doctor is free, which is typically hours after the patient has gotten home, to get them approved, signed, and called in. Sometimes, they forget to call them in or lose them altogether.

I also have to call the family doctor because I’ve had some stomach issues lately. It started with a bruise-type feeling right next to my navel (with no bruise visible), and has turned into a 4-times-a-day removal of pus (and sometimes blood) from my belly button. So, I apparently need to get that checked out.

I hope that, whether you enjoy the symbolism/meaning of it, everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day. And remember that even if you hate the day, there will be cheaper candy, cupcakes, cookies, and stuffed animals tomorrow. (There’s always a bright side, huh?)

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