damn. how did this happen, crazy.

It’s called Heterochromia.  Hers was complete heterochromia and she probably had it from birth, I would think.  The brown in the green eye is probably from an injury.

Eyes can have multiple colors naturally (sometimes because of illness and sometimes not) or through injury.  If it is 2 totally different colored eyes, it is considered complete.  If it is just a section in an eye (or in both eyes), then it’s partial/sectoral.  If it is the center of the eye, then it’s central heterochromia.

According to some places, Henry Cavill, Mila Kunis, Wentworth Miller, and Demi Moore also have some version.  

(I have partial/sectoral heterochromia.  I have blue eyes, but one of my eyes has a green spot naturally and one has a brown spot from an injury.)

THEN DO I HAVE THIS? I HAVE HAZEL AROUND MY PUPILS. But blue/green everywhere else!

Probably.  🙂

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