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So, even though the garnishment was dismissed by the judge, the wonderful Wells Fargo people refuse to lift the garnishment from the account until they have word from the court (a copy of the letter we got doesn’t count apparently) and will not be giving the money back. According to their legal department, they don’t have to give back the money because of the wording on the writ of garnishment. Who cares that the garnishment was dismissed? Who cares that they had taken the money before they were supposed to? Who cares that they took money from people whose money should have been left untouched?

It is absolutely ridiculous that they feel the need to do this whole thing. It seems like they would care about building a sense of trust with the folks who bank with them. Instead, it appears that they are more interested in holding onto money that doesn’t belong to them. So, it looks like this will probably be taken to the court in another form–a lawsuit.

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