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So, many of us know of Haley, the wonderful girl that was surprised with Darren Criss performing at her bat mitzvah a few weeks ago.

If you know anything about her situation, you know that she is constantly bullied at her school. But recently, the bullies discovered that she was bi and today the bullying escalated to extreme physical abuse. To quote, “They punched her. In the face. SO BAD, that the wire of her braces snapped, made her wire break, and made her mouth bleed. They continued hitting her and pinned her against the wall. They wrote things like “stupid fag” “worthless bitch” “go to hell, you fag” and “please die fag” on her arm.”

This sickens me. This is a school. A SCHOOL. I don’t understand how NOTHING is being done about something like this. At my school if you had pulled this you would have been expelled so fast you wouldn’t have known what hit you.

Last week I posted anonymously (yes that was me) in several big Starkid, Glee, and Darren related tumblrs telling them Haley’s story and asking them to write her a message. I wanted to see how many people we could get to show Haley our support through the tumblr community.

Normally I’m not serious on this blog you guys, but she does not deserve this. NO ONE deserves this.

This. Is. A. Hate. Crime. It has escalated past the point of regular bullying, which isn’t ok to begin with, to something much worse.

Even if you don’t know Haley, Darren Criss, or Glee, if you have no idea what Starkid is, please consider leaving her a message in her ask, or reblog this post to spread awareness not only for Haley, but for all the kids out there dealing with this situation in schools.

Haley, girl, I’m telling you, if I lived in FL, I’d come down there and give that School Board a piece of my mind, I promise you. Stay strong, stay proud, and most of all, stay awesome. You’re amazing just the way you are, and don’t you ever change anything about yourself.

We’ve got your back, girl.


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