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My parents went yesterday to stop Wells Fargo from garnishing their account since the only thing in it was the disability payment from Social Security. When they got there, they were apparently told that the less than $200 in their account had already been seized by the bank–most of it for the bank’s $100 fee. This, as you might already know, was the wrong thing to do.

My parents had 30 days to respond to the order which was issued on the 19th (a week today). That meant that the money wasn’t supposed to be garnished for those 30 days. The money was gone within the first week, though. So, my parents had to go to the local Legal Aid office.

They found out that a lot of banks do this. They also found out that the lawyer’s office (Nathan & Nathan) that pursued the debt has a tendency to pursue debts that they know can’t be paid–thus they pursue frivolous lawsuits.

My parents and I have to go in tomorrow to the Legal Aid office to sign some paperwork to stop the garnishment. (I have to go since $200 of my money goes into their account every month to cover the expenses I’m supposed to pay as part of the SSI thing.) The lawyers told my parents that they probably won’t get the money back, but that hopefully this will stop the freezing of the account and will prevent any more money from being taken.

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