Future Losses

Netflix is taking my account off of the temporary hold. They think that the problem is originating at my mailbox. I think that’s funny, since I take them out right before the mailman gets here and I’m fairly certain that they are safe during the (maybe) 30 minutes to an hour that they spend out there. I’m fairly certain that Gretchen, Molly, or Alice would bark if they thought someone was out there that shouldn’t be. I also think that it is unusual that someone would steal one disc, but not another when 2-3 would be sent at one time. It is especially odd to think that someone would open the envelopes, take one out and leave 1 or 2 in there.

They want me to start dropping them off at the post office or in a collection box. The closest box is a little over a mile away. It might take about 5 minutes to get to. The closest post office is almost 6 miles away, and takes about 15 minutes to get to, if there is no traffic. These are supposedly secure locations, even though the drop box is at Wal-Mart and people who are going to steal mail would steal it no matter where it is.

The final line of the email, though, made me feel great:

We realize that you may not be directly responsible for the losses, however if the issue persists Netflix will be unable to continue service due to the amount of lost property.

Uh-huh. We don’t think you’re stealing them, but if you keep reporting them when they don’t arrive, we’ll take away the service from you. I think that’s kind of stupid—more than kind of. It seems ridiculous that they keep trying to pin this on me or my mailbox or anything. These discs get sent from my house. (If an envelope was opened, our mailman would say something.) They get lost somewhere between here and Birmingham (the facility that always seems to be the one that loses the discs).

Ugh. I guess I get to continue to have Netflix until they decide that I’ve someone nearby has been too much of a klepto.

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