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Last week, I sent back two discs to Netflix. Normally, they’re received and new discs come within a couple of days. Since I sent the discs in the latter part of the week, they probably didn’t get there until today. (Or they should have been there today or even yesterday.) It’s kind of bugging me because I know I could report them as missing, since it’s taken a little longer than normal, but I’m not going to because Christmas tends to make mail sluggish. I’m also afraid that reporting them would flag my account for suspicious activity again, though that should have flagged some employees as suspicious. (They weren’t receiving 1 disc when another would be in the mailer with it and would be marked as received–which is a legitimate way to send them back.)

Oh, yesterday, my huge external hard drive decided that it wouldn’t work properly anymore. The information in it is fine, but the USB port on it is faulty, like the one on the old hard drive was. After a certain length of time, those ports just won’t hold a USB cord anymore. I could call Western Digital and get a new hard drive, take the drive out of the old one, send the new drive back with the old body, and just call it a day. I’m not going to do that, because, frankly, that would just mean that I would have to go through this yet again in 4-5 months. I am sick of the cycle, so I get to spend the only cash I got for Christmas on new housing for my hard drive. Instead of getting fun stuff, I get to spend the money on that. (It wouldn’t cost that much, except the drive is a mirror one, so it requires twice the space. I wish I could send a bill to Western Digital for that. Of course, I wanted to send them a bill for not covering the mailing of their faulty body last time. (I ended up paying quite a bit to make sure that the huge thing would get to them safely.)

I wish being geeky wasn’t so damn expensive, you know?

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