Bristol Palin on her sister, DC/liberals/far left, etc.

Ashley: Hey Bristol! Hope the drive home is going well. What happened to your sister? I don’t see her page anymore?
Bristol: She said you got mad at her and you two got into an argument? I didn’t ask for details. I just told her sometimes she tends to take things the wrong way. she acts sort of nutty when she is on the road ..she is a little dopey right now and so if she said something stupid I apologize for her.
Ashley: LOL, I wasn’t mad at her. I had like 5 or 6 different missed wall posts this morning from her. It’s 4 hours later here, so I was in bed. I was telling her the news was saying she was all over the place….one minute they said she was home, one minute they said she was in DC, one minute they said she was in Nebraska……I was like “how can one person be in three different places at the same time?” Anyhow, wasn’t an argument….I was laughing at all of the Willow sightings.
Bristol: I think the media tends to see someone who looks like us..sort of …and then says it is us. Maybe that is what confused, her little hypersensetive self felt attacked. I will talk to her..silly girl.
Ashley: Please tell her I am sorry if she felt attacked. I’m attacked everyday of my life….my height, my weight, being openly Republican in DC, working in the stock market. Although I don’t have a famous parents, I can relate.
Bristol: No don’tbe sorry. I am sure she over reacted. She tendsto do that, my schizo sister lol. When I see her I will talk to her.
Ashley: Are you writitng from the road? Did you make it home ok? I bet your little man is happy to be home with everyone.
Bristol: And i can ONLY imagine what life in DC is like for anyone other than far left!
Bristol: I am trying to catch up with my family, I am on a different bus right now…it was like hardly a breather though. I came home to Alaska and then had to get going again. I am thinking aj et would have been faster but that is always such a hassel and big deal.
Ashley: Makes sense. Looking forward to seeing the show tonight. I have several friends that live in AK (mainly Homer) and they always provide commentary:)
Bristol: I will probably watch it also, I have nothing better to do. I love Homer.
Ashley: Yes, it’s actually hard being a causian heterosexual Republican female in this area. You’d think I had a third eye.
Bristol: OMG I bet you get ridiculed daily! How dare you be white, and Republican and OMG a female Republican! The libs consider that blasphemy!
Ashley: Omg, watching the show. Love…Piper, Mom, it says three eggs! Can’t believe Will dunked Piper’s face in the cake.

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