BAILEY: Dr. Grey, you’ve got a fever, high white count and tenderness over McBurney’s point, which suggests —
BAILEY: Dr. O’Malley, prep Dr. Grey for surgery. You’re scrubbing in.
GEORGE: I am? On Meredith’s appendectomy?
MEREDITH: I, uh — am I the only one who remembers the last time George scrubbed in on an appendectomy? He almost killed the guy. Sorry, George. 
GEORGE: I don’t have to scrub in, Dr. Bailey, I can just, uh… [Off her look of disapproval.] Unless you want me to, which, you know… Not gonna happen again.
BAILEY: That good enough for you, Dr. Grey?
MEREDITH: You’re pretty.
       — 3.04 “What I Am” 

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