Krema III (by Nabil z.a.)

Here probably lay the last steps taken by the deportees after being “selected”. What you’re looking at is what used to be the location of the Crematorium III in Auschwitz II, Birkenau. It is partially underground with only 5 feet under grounds and it had an exterior roof which was 3 feet above ground which gives a total of 8 feet. This is where the people were brought and told that they were about to receive disinfecting shower and after that a decent hot meal before being reunited with their families. But instead this is the last world they would see, last fresh air they would breathe. From this point onwards, all is doomed.

After descending into what is called the undressing room, the prisoners were told to take off their clothes and hang them on numbered hooks on the wall and tie their shoes laces together so they could find them afterward and not lose a shoe. Then they were told to enter the gas chamber

The gas chamber was disguised as a shower room with fake shower heads. Water didn’t come out from the shower instead Zyklon-B pellets were thrown down through four holes on the roof by German Soldiers wearing gas mask into four wire mesh columns in the gas chamber.

The Sonderkommando consists of prison inmates were given the horrendous task of collecting the body, taking them out, and up a small lift to the 5 cremation ovens which were on the ground floor of the building. But before chucking them in furnaces, hair were shaved to be used in German industry and gold fillings from teeth were pulled out. Those five furnaces were triple muffle ovens which makes a total of 15 doors. At one time 3 corpses were shoved into each door which means 45 bodies were cremated at one time. All these details were meticulously planned to make it a perfect killing factories capable of murdering million

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