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Barack Obama busted his lip playing basketball when one of the other people playing sent an elbow into his face. This ranks up there in importance with the Super Bowl-Pretzel incident that George W. Bush had a few years ago, but it is still reported with a lot of intensity.

You might expect some mild joking from people who dislike the President, and even some who like him, but on the WHNT facebook page, it has turned into a game of “who-can-be-the-biggest-bigot”. People have ranged from saying that they wish that they could hit Obama in the face to using outright slurs.

mental illness bias
mental illness bias

Unfortunately, this is almost common with that particular page. It also occurs on their Topix forum anytime someone who is gay, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Muslim, mentally ill, or otherwise “different” is mentioned.

mental illness bias

This consistent level of ignorance has become the norm for those commenting on stories now. If you want to comment on any kind of story and be respected, it seems like you have to make some kind of bigoted comment about someone else. It is amazing and scary and unfortunate, especially from people who live in a state that has such a history with bias crimes.

What amazes me even more is that making these comments doesn’t seem to matter to the people in charge of moderating these pages. I’ve seen them take comments off for containing “fuck” or “bitch” or “shit”, but if someone posts a derogatory remark about another race, it is allowed to stand. That is considered protected speech, apparently.

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