Fall Down, Go Boom, Eat Turkey, and Cry

I was going to blog yesterday (as in Wednesday, not Thursday) about therapy and how my therapist said I should move out because she thinks my parents are super-manipulative. I changed my mind, though, when I fell on Thursday morning as I was about to prepare the food for the pack.


Somehow, as I was walking past Gretchen’s kennel (similar to the picture above), my jeans got caught on the little metal thing that sticks out at the top that helps hold it closed. I was trying to manipulate my leg so that it would come off easily, but since it’s a swinging door, it had other plans. It pulled and I slid, which caused me to scrape my right knee while twisting my left. The left knee made this nice tearing sound, which I figured was no big deal. (With me, the tearing sound is generally a mild-to-severe sprain.) I iced it right after I got up, changed clothes, and fed the dogs. (My dad had to put the kennel back together, since my fun little fall was able to pull the door out and twist the metal thing I got snagged on.) I thought it would be okay, so we went to Guntersville.

The meal went as well as it could be expected. Luckily, there were no hospitalizations while down there (i.e. when my mom’s sugar dropped causing her body to begin shutting down and her kidneys to almost fail in 2008) and no one got injured while we were there. (Co-ordination in our family is kind of non-existent.) My aunt (and her crew) did a great job with the food. (I was happy my grandmother made mashed creamed potatoes and green beans [canola oil instead of water makes them so much better].) She did the typical thing in our family, which is getting nervous about the dressing. (Basically, if you mess up the chicken & dressing in our family, you end up feeling like you’ve ruined a dinner.) She did the other typical thing our family does, which is making it perfectly. (This is a feat, since none of us have an actual written recipe, so we have to basically do it “by ear”.)

When we were headed home, my knee was a bit swollen, and was inflamed enough that I could not straighten my knee at all. This led to a bit of muscle cramping in the right leg, since I was putting more weight on it than I should. I was so happy when I got home and was able to get to multiple ice packs, my last dose of D&C-prescribed Tramadol, and a muscle relaxer. After I took the drugs, I fell asleep, which helped a little. When I woke up, my knee worked a little better for about thirty minutes and then it was back to badness. Of course, by then, I was getting the rest of the fall-related pain/numbness/crap. (My back has a little scrape on it, my spine is a bit jarred, and I have bruises on my arms.) I’ve contemplated going to the ER or even calling a doctor tomorrow. I decided against the ER, since holidays are bad there. I’m not sure about doctors, since my dad has the whole Iron Bowl watching tomorrow. He would say that my knee is more important, but I would rather not have him miss it at all. It’s something he looks forward to all year, and is basically like his Christmas.

So, I guess I just have to wait and see with it. Luckily, I will have Gretchen making sure that I’m okay. (She’s being super-protective over me—even more than her usual obsessive-worrying ways.) So, I’m in good paws.

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