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However, all of them know that murder is not Ok. Just because they won’t have to go through what a woman will, doesn’t mean their opinions don’t count. Abortion is simply wrong, in my opinion. You put yourself in the situation, and now you’re taking a baby’s life in order to get yourself out of the consequences. How could you even argue that is right? (insert comment here about a woman who gets pregnant because of a rape. or insert comment here about a woman getting an abortion because she won’t survive labor) Neither of those are suitable excuses, in my opinion, either.

Hate me all you want, abortion is not Ok.


A woman who chooses to get an abortion because of rape/incest or because she won’t survive is not a “suitable excuse”?

You said that you were opposed to it because the woman was putting herself in the situation, y?

  1. Can you really ever say that a woman puts herself in a situation to be raped?  No woman goes out and says, “Hey, I think I’ll get raped today.”
  2. Can you really ever say that a woman would want to have a condition that would kill her if she delivered a child?  I seriously doubt that.  People generally have this innate FEAR of death.  It’s part of what keeps them alive.

You (in your statements) didn’t take into consideration 2 other situations:

  1. Though I assume you’re grouping rape with incest, you didn’t tackle incest. 
  2. The likelihood that a child will be brought into this world only to die in utter misery and pain.  A few weeks ago there was the super-husband who stood up to bullies outside a woman’s health clinic because his wife and he were expecting a second child, one they wanted.  That child had something referred to as Mermaid Syndrome.  This child wasn’t going to survive.  It had a 0% chance.  Would you want that mother (or anyone like her) to spend a whole pregnancy carrying around a (basically) dead baby?  That’s beyond cruel.

Now, do men have a right to an opinion about abortion? Sure, but as far as being allowed to control what happens between a woman and her OB/GYN, I think that no man has that right. EVER. We would never ask a man to allow a group of women to decide whether he could keep his prostate, his testicles, etc. We wouldn’t decide what medicines he could take. We wouldn’t stand outside a urologist taunting him for going in to have a vasectomy.  

But for some odd reason, we as a society have decided that somehow women have this lack of knowledge when it comes to their sexual health.  Women can’t choose whether or not to have a child.  Women don’t get as good of coverage on gynecological procedures (including pap smears) as men do for urological procedures.  Women have to pay out-of-pocket for birth control pills, even if it is for a medical condition, while men get co-pays for their Viagra.  It’s not right and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

Now, you think that it is murder for a woman to go out and have an abortion.  Fine, think that.  No matter how ignorant we can think you’re being, think that, but don’t stop it from happening.  Don’t endanger the lives of the women who will go out and have back alley abortions done.  Don’t endanger the lives of the women who will be beaten to death by their ignorant family members when they find out that a young woman is pregnant by rape or incest or by her boyfriend.  Don’t stand in the way of women being given the opportunity to take a stand and say that this is their body and their choice and that they have every right to make a decision for their own well-being.

You want to have the choice to say no to an abortion, yes?  Well, some of us want to have the option to say yes to it.

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