COLBERT COUNTY, AL — Two days before Thanksgiving and tragedy strikes one Colbert County family. A deadly accident left a grief-stricken family with more questions than answers. But now the victim’s widow is reflecting on her husband’s life and legacy.

The accident happened on a dark and country road in Colbert County, when 55-year-old Michael Arndt lost his life.

“I want him back,” said Connie Arndt. “He was my life, my joy.”

In a matter of moments Connie Arndt lost her best friend and husband of 32 years.

“I asked God, ‘Please let me have him back, just bring him back. If you love me you will bring him back,’ but He didn’t.”

The grieving widow was with her husband when she says he pulled his car over trying to save several kittens along the road. But his act of kindness came to a screeching end when another car topped the hill, hitting Michael and killing him. The accident instantly changed his wife’s world forever.

“I would much rather have my Michael than anything,” said Connie.

The tears and memories from Tuesday’s accident are still fresh.

“You can’t cope with what I saw last night,” said Connie. But knowing her husband will forever be remembered as a humble hero offers some comfort.

“He always thought of himself as nobody special,” said Connie. “He couldn’t see how special he was and that made him more special.”

Connie knows her husband is now in a special place.

“I know he’s up there with my Momma, his Momma, his Daddy, our little angel dog that we had and all the other pets,” said Connie. “But he’s not here, and I am the one that’s hurting, the one that’s suffering.”

Connie is now fighting to find strength, to help her through this tragedy.

State Troopers say the car that hit Michael Arndt, ended up in some brush about a hundred yards off the side of the road. The driver of that vehicle, a teenage girl, left the scene unharmed.

The accident is still under investigation and so far no charges against the teen driver have been filed.

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