When a 16-year-girl told an assistant principal on Tuesday that she had just been dragged into a school bathroom and raped, administrators had her sit in the principal’s office for over two hours and told to write down what had occurred. They didn’t bother calling the police or a victim’s advocate, to the dismay of the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault (InCASA). When administrators did call the girl’s guardian, she was taken to the hospital and staff there finally called the police. It was then about four hours since the assault had been reported. Superintendent Eric King defended the school’s irresponsible decision in a television interview by claiming that the girl’s story wasn’t completely consistent and school administrators doubted the allegation, that “the facts in the case were somewhat vague,” and they wanted to investigate themselves. Nothing like attacking rape victims for making up their story without any evidence except that they’re female and girls lie, right? The school officials didn’t even bother notifying any one of the four school police officers. Why bother having school police if you don’t tell them anything? It’s so much better to play make-believe detective and screw up the real investigation.

Police Criticize School’s Failure to Report Student Rape for Undermining Investigation | Women’s Rights | Change.org (via sluthaditcoming)

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