The new issue of Rolling Stone—the Playlist Issue—started with an idea from Roots drummer ?uestlove. We asked him to tell us his favorite songs, but he said he wanted to go deeper. “In my eyes, what defines a true artist is their filler,” he said. “I happen to like the Stevie Wonder songs that aren’t hits. I can say the same thing for Springsteen and Bob Dylan. Prince’s hits are like a red carpet that he lays out to lead you to the good stuff.”

The Playlist Issue features fifty artists sharing lists of top ten songs from artists and musical mini-genres that they know, and love, deeply. Highlights include Yoko Ono on her favorite John Lennon songs, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way on the best glam rock tunes, Win Butler on Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith on Bob Dylan’s love songs. Over the next five weeks, will post these and bonus, online-only lists, with streams of many of the songs as well as audio from interviews with some of the best-known list-makers.

This week we’re posting the following playlists:

Bono on David Bowie
Jack Johnson on Bob Marley
Chris Robinson on the Rolling Stones
Rufus Wainwright on Leonard Cohen
?uestlove on Prince
Peter Wolf on R&B
Dave Grohl on Eighties hardcore punk
Ezra Koenig on U.K. Pop Hits
Cee Lo on Dirty South Hip-Hop
Annie Lennox on women with soul
Jenny Lewis on Seventies California rock

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