Click on the image to read the actual post, because this screencap is lousy. But I just wanted everyone to see this because, while I haven’t seen any Kurt/Karofsky support in my dashboard, I’ve seen plenty of it in a brazilian message board I visited the past days to find a download link. And it pissed me off and upset me more than anything. Only last week one gay kid was beat up and one was shot by a soldier because he was making out with another guy in the beach after the gay parade in Rio. Shot. By someone from the freaking army. I can’t even begin to explain how disgusted reading about this makes me. 

And then I see all those 14, 15 year-old kids praising over Glee and choosing Kurt/Karofsky’s “relationship” to drool over, calling Kurt/Blaine a “cliché”. And I can’t believe I’m watching the same show as them. Did they not see Kurt’s TERRIFIED face after Karofky assaulted him? He robbed him of his first kiss. That’s not romantic or cute or angsty or whatever people think of that ship. He threatened to kill him in this last episode, and it freaks me out that people who read about those terrible crimes in the news and watch this show choose this “couple” to support. 

I think it’s odd that so many people love this particular couple, yet would immediately jump on any man who did this to a woman as being a deviant.  The “relationship” between the two is extremely disturbing and doesn’t seem like there is any possible way that it could be a happy one.

Endorsing this relationship is similar to endorsing acquaintance rape or domestic violence.  It is something that I cannot imagine people doing with any other type of couple.

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