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I wish it were possible to have Photoshop filters incorporated into my retinas. That way, if it’s a particularly drab day, I can just be like, “INCREASE MAGENTA LEVELS. INCREASE SATURATION.” Or if I’m just bored in class, really! That way, paying attention to the prof is like looking at a nicely coloured edit for three hours. And everything will be beautiful and nothing will hurt.

Come on, scientists, make my unreasonable request a reality.

Umm. They’re called ACTIONS, and you can download them and adjust the color levels easier than this.

…i thought we all used these?

Umm. Maybe I just wanted my caption to be understood. Anyone who has spent more than 2 minutes in Photoshop knows what, say, hue/saturation is and what it does.

…but by all means, completely miss the point and point out your mastery of Photoshop?

Slightly off-topic but am I the only one that thinks using actions (which apparently we all use?) is taking the easy-n-lazy way out of editing pics/caps on Photoshop? You edit one cap for your picspam and are like trololo saving this action so I can use it for all the other 392480234 caps I want to edit that are much lighter and/or darker and contain drastically different hues in them than the first one.

WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IS: there is a reason we don’t all use actions, funesto, and that’s because while they are in fact much easier, a good majority of the time they make pictures look like shit and I don’t understand why anyone assumes that this is everyone’s method of coloring things on photoshop and I should get back to studying for this exam.

Well said. If you use the same exact actions for everything you make on Photoshop, then where’s the fun in Photoshop, funesto?

I have a lot of different actions that I use, but I try to go back and tweak until everything looks good.

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