Fuck Yeah Girl Crush: To Write Scam On Her Arms.







So who exactly is surprised that it turns out that To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) are disgusting sexist, homophobic douches who only really exist to scam emo kids into going to church?

I’ve been suspect of these assholes for ages, so I did some research, and it only took me seconds to find out I was right to be distrustful. Renee at also did some research. From the article:

They made x amount, let’s call it $100,000 to make it even. Of that, only something like 25% was accounted for. The rest? Completely unaccounted for. Most charities release their financial statements. Don’t you find it a little odd that we don’t know where 75% of all money given to them goes? The 75% would be “administrative costs”, aka “paying the people that work there”. Of that 25%, some of it goes to an extremely sketchy charity called Mercy Ministries. You might know them as the anti-gay, pro-life, pile of crap charity that believes that people can be made straight. At their homes, they don’t allow close contact between women because of the risk of lesbianism! Isn’t that nice, donating to a charity which encourages a belief that makes a lot of teens suicidal? MM also believes in the power of exorcism. Australians may remember them as the charity that made girls entering the program sign their Centrelink payments over to them, and gave the girls no therapy but prayer. Do you really want to support this charity? TWLOHA is effectively endorsing the belief that prayer cures depression, and that being gay is something one chooses. They’re owned by Fireproof Ministries. Y’know, the same guys who gave you You know, selling out Jesus for the moneys? They’re also (financially) associated with Teen Mania Ministries, which has been described as racist, women hating and hateful in general. The dude who runs it, Ron Luce also runs the Battle Cry Campaign. The BCC’s purpose is to “…ensure that Christianity survives in America by redefining society”. Read their Wiki. Tell me that isn’t a stumble away from a cult. Yeah, once again, do you want your money to support this? Sure, they offer hope. But, you know, that extra 75% would be way better spent on actually helping people, as opposed to selling fugly tshirts and supporting homophobia. I find it sick they’ve turned depression and addiction into a damn fashion statement. I find it sick they’re using their power to help support vile and disgusting beliefs like homophobia.

Personally, I think I’ve always been uncomfortable with it because it’s always seemed to me that there’s so much glamourisation of self-injury around it and linked to it.  

I’d be interested to know if anyone else has any intertesting stories or facts they know about the organisation? I feel like something should be done, but I don’t know what  :s

Edit: Ever since posting this I’ve been thinking about all the people I saw suggesting TWLOHA as an anti-suicide organisation on Spirit Day and I feel kind of sick about it. Please reblog this so that any gay and trans* (because anti-choice and anti-gay people don’t tend to be too ‘down’ with trans* people) know not to contact them for help or contribute money. There are charities out there that offer support to anyone, whether they’re gay, or trans*, or young and pregnant, or have an STI, and they are the ones that deserve our support.

And these are the reasons why I always feel a huge surge of disappointment whenever I see someone supporting the TWLOHA fuckery.

People really should read this.

I’ve supported TWLOHA in the past and it makes me sad to learn this 🙁

not cool. as someone who used to self-injure, this really really makes me angry. They’re taking advantage of people in trouble, and that’s wrong.

I read about this a while ago and whenever I see people mention it I always want to say something but never have the balls because I never had many facts past the basics that I could remember and couldn’t find the site that I first saw afterwards.

They actually cut ties with Mercy Ministries after they found out what had been done with the money and the people in need (sometime in 2009). 

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