So, I opened up my Succession Law exam today and the first sentence was… Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse married in 2004.


It then went on to describe how he divorced Tara Thornton in 2002. The marriage produced a child, Lafayette, who is now a masterchef on Channel 10.

Sookie and Bill have 2 children, Jessica and Eric.

Bill cheated on Sookie with her brother, Jason. Bill and Jason now live in a de facto relationship. Jason’s been caught selling ecstasy tablets at one of Bill’s nightclubs and his total assets are $6.5 million.

Oh yeah, he died from being impaled in the chest with a wooden stake while at his nightclub. There’s no provision for Jason in his will.

The overall question: Advise Jason, as your client, about any family provision claim he may have.

So… you think my Succession lecturer is a True Blood fan or what?

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