Sex-Shop Drama

Local News: Huntsville Sex Shop to Open Drive-Thru
Person 1: what is our world come n 2?.just when u think u have hear the worst were hit with even more!.is there no end 2 this?.
Person 2: O my goodness, what is this world coming to? Can’t people take care of themselves without the drama
Person 3: Ohhh Myyyyy…..
Person 4: Wishing Sherri good luck. Saw the story on the news last night and loved it. Great location and good move in right direction for local economy converting an empty bank into a hopefully thriving business with an innovative new twist.
Person 6: Good for them!
Person 7: You build it and they will come! Whatever happened to just making love?
Person 8: ‎8 dont agree with this kinda stuff but i guess i can say the single people must think they gotta get pleasure somewhere but this is not right way shut it down alabama dont need this kinda sick stores
Person 9: Okay, I just want to say… if you don’t like it..guess what???? YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO!.. SIMPLE.. find something else to complain about.. NO one is twisting your arm to go into a sex shop. Geez!
Person 10: Definitely a good move to make a business more profitable! Kudos!
Person 11: I am so tired of hearing about this story! I have lost count of how many times it has aired this am! Especially in the morning when our children are getting ready for school! Please stop giving this business so much FREE advertising!
Person 12: every story is repeated
Person 13: Kudos to Sherri!! This woman is a very savvy business woman and an innovater! It blows my mind that people think maritial aids are “sick”. A lot of people who can’t have sex the au natural way use aids, and so do single people who abstain from sexual relations with multiple partners, this is a bad thing????? And what’s wrong with putting a little spice in a sexually stale marriage?
Person 15: I think it’s a personal preference situation. Like other people have posted, if you don’t like it don’t go!
Person 16: Why do you have to be single to go the a sex store? I must have missed that ‘rule’!
Person 17: In the closet Bible Belt Bama! The ones whining about this type store are the first to go to one of those “Hot & Spicy” home parties. lol I don’t like alot of stores in Hsv… doesn’t mean I am going to critize those that do like it. 😉
Person 18: As a wife and mother of two I think this is a great idea.I don’t see why it bothers ppl so bad.does it not say in the bible for no one to put their hands on you but your own? Take it as you will. Some ppl need help in that department and it helps married couples spice things up.for all those uptight ppl, you know you wonder what all the fuss is just don’t want to admit it.
Person 19: Educate yourselves people and get out of the Puritan mindset. Sexual aids have been used since before the invention of the wheel. It is not a new concept. Even in Victorian times-when no one would talk about sex-women who suffered from “female hysteria” would go to her doctor to be sexually stimulated by his hand until the vibrator was invented. People who wish to be sexually satisfied are not “sick” and I know I would hate to be partnered with someone that had that kind of close-minded mentality.
Person 20: probably half the people saying negative things about this store are probably the main people that are gonna visit this store, and are just undercover freaks trying to make them self sound all angelic and stuff! There’s still a war going on and people being murdered everyday and you complain about a friggin sex shop..Get over it! Sad thing is im not even from or live in Alabama I live in Florida!
Person 21: LOL! A drive thru!! That just struck me as funny!!! Can I get fries with that?????????????? LOL LOL LOL
Person 22: This reminds me of the billboard in a certain upper scale area of Hsv that had those folks so upset … Pleasures had a couple completely covered and the only thing you could see was “their feet” sticking out from under the sheet. Lord forbid — FEET and the word PLEASURES on the same billboard. lol
Person 23: Most of these people complaining about these type of stores have no problem with divorce. I dont recall reading anything in my Bible about sexual aides in marriage being wrong but I do recall divorce being frowned upon. These self rightious people that complain dont take into consideration some couples experience health problems in their relationships, but even through that it is important for a married couple to keep their sexual relationship alive. I guess these bible thumpers skip over the Song of Solomon book in their bibles..God forbid sex being considered a positive thing to keep alive in a marriage! I am glad this owman has opened this store. From the looks of the video it looks like a bright tasteful place rather then some back alley smut store
Person 24 (me): Honestly, people in this area get so entertaining when Pleasures is mentioned on the news.
For the record 4, 7, & 8 were the only men to comment.

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