Chemistry Lessons

I am apparently getting worse and worse at combining medicines to knock me out for the proper amount of time. I used to be really good at coming up with a combination that would get me to sleep for about the right time. Now, I rather suck at it. I finally woke up yesterday for a few hours, only to figure out that I had dosed myself with just enough Zanaflex and Flexaril that I was in the midst of hangover. That, needless to say, was not much fun.

On Monday, I had to go in for my pre-admission appointment for the wonderful D&C that is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I had to sit in front of a nurse and go over my health history, as well as the health history of my family. It would’ve been a tolerable experience, except that I couldn’t understand her (her thick accent + my tired ears didn’t go well together). At one point, she asked if I still had EDD. I have no idea what EDD is supposed to be, and couldn’t understand what she said it was. Maybe it was supposed to be ADD? Or maybe it was something else completely. She didn’t understand what Sjögren’s was, so I had to explain it to her. (I hate having to explain medical problems to medical professionals.) She, then, didn’t know what hypermobility was. I explained it to her, as well. Once we were done with the medical history, she had to draw some blood. This led to many minutes of her slapping the top of my right hand to get a good view of the vein. (I hate how folks slap me to get access to them.)

Oh, before the the health history, she attempted to get my vitals. My temperature was slightly elevated, but not really concerningly so. My blood pressure took 4 tries to get (it ended up being 96 over 80), and my pulse was at 115-120. She asked if I was nervous since the pulse was a bit high. I told her that my heart just beats quickly. When she was having trouble getting the blood pressure, she tried to convince me that it was probably hard to read due to having high blood pressure. I hate when medical professionals determine that I have high blood pressure, have high blood sugar, or am pregnant because my vitals are somehow off. It shouldn’t bug me at this point, but it does.

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