Harder and Harder to Breathe 1

On Saturday, I slept all day. I had been feeling like crap, and I thought that maybe sleeping more for a few days might be helpful. It was to some extent. It didn’t help the headache or joint issues, but it helped with a bug that I had gotten from my mom last week.

I got a referral letter from the UAB clinic in town to go to The Kirklin Clinic, which is the UAB clinic in Birmingham. I don’t know which doctor I’m supposed to see. It says “patient’s choice” on my referral, but it has an appointment date and time (in 2011). So, I guess I can find out later. (They’ve put patient’s choice on other referrals before.) So, I will get to see the rheumatologists down there and *hopefully* find out what is going on. I’m kind of glad that the UAB folks here didn’t put fibromyalgia on it. It appears that whenever a doctor hears that you have that, they decide everything you say is wrong is fibromyalgia. It’s a catch-all for some, I guess.

Oh, and in non-health related news: Auburn won their football game (so far, they’re undefeated) and Alabama lost theirs (that makes 2 losses, seals their fate when it comes to the whole “repeat national titles”). This is very good news. Even if Auburn doesn’t get to play in the national championship this year, the whole season will be worth it just to see Alabama’s hopes get dashed. (Cruel of me, no?) Basically, seeing Alabama lose is like a Red Sox fan seeing the Yankees lose. It provides a weird bit of satisfaction. Oh, God, I’m turning into my father!

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