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well I reblogged it and saved it as a draft. I’ll respectfully reply to each of your points at some point today and you tell me what you think.

Though I appreciate that you would be willing to put in the effort, it would really be a waste. The more that you try to challenge my POV, the more firm my opinion will be. (Anyone who has conversed with me on the internet or in real life can attest to that.)

Like I said, the majority of the points are from the positions set by the GOP. If you look on the site On The Issues, you can find some of the topics that I referenced. I can actually expand on them now, if you’d like.

The first point is from my personal background, and is not going to be something that can be by facts/proof. I’m sure that there are sociopaths and abusers in all political parties and backgrounds.

Number two refers to the RNC position on gay rights, the position on abortion rights, and immigration policies. The allergy to peanuts line was just thrown in for humor/passion.

Number three refers to the quick-to-draw warhawkish side of the RNC that asserts that the best way to deal with problems is with guns and not with diplomacy. After 9/11 this part of the party became more vocal.

Number four refers to problems that have occurred in the system as result of cuts made by Republican heroes like Reagan and the Bush family. These statements are backed up by information that is available in textbooks that I have about Social Work and Social Welfare.

Number five is a personal thing.

Number six refers to the tendency of the 1994-2006 Republican Congresses to cut the programs for art and music, as well as the fear that seems to arise when tax increases are proposed on people who have higher incomes.

Number seven also refers to the tax issues. I really do feel that those who complain the most about their taxes being too high are generally the ones who have enough money to pay them. If a person is bringing in over $250k a year, then they don’t need to bitch and moan about paying taxes. You can live on a lot less. You can live easily on a lot less.

Number eight references readily available issues, facts.

Number nine does as well. NAFTA could’ve been a good thing, but since we decided to not pay attention to what was happening with the money, we didn’t notice that the quality of life in Mexico got much lower. As the quality of life got lower, the crime rate went up. As the crime rate went up, more people fled their native countries for here.

Number ten directly references a 9/12 statement by Glenn Beck, as well as the continued statements by Republicans to liberals about how if they don’t like the country, then they can leave.

Number eleven is a direct reference to the consistent policy of the GOP towards being pro-life, pro-death penalty, pro-gun, and warhawks. The secondary statement of how it frustrates me about the lack of complaints of bad behavior by pro-lifers is a reasonable statement, given that if you notice many pro-life people will not condemn another pro-lifer for extremist behavior.

Number twelve (and number thirteen for that matter) references the tendency towards the RNC to protect oil companies. When the oil spill occurred, it wasn’t the Republican party that came out and condemned the oil company. In fact, many Republican politicians wanted to protect them. It also references the continued hesitation towards using healthier resources. (Reagan, for example, took solar panels off the White House in the ‘80’s because he thought they were useless.)

Number fourteen references a statement made by the GOP on more than one occasion in more than one election season. The family is considered to be the most important thing, but you will hear the same politicians who glorify families complaining about gays trying to adopt or get married. You will hear them bitching about single mothers. You will hear them say that divorce is bad.

Number fifteen references wording used whenever a more liberal decision is handed down and wording used when the Alabama Supreme Court justices were running.

Number sixteen referenced the position of a particular candidate in my state.

Number seventeen references the ongoing position on guns again.

Number eighteen references the position that the party has on assisted suicide/euthanasia. This was something that came to the forefront during Bush 43’s reign when Terri Schiavo’s ongoing life support was the major issue for a few weeks. The major members of the party came out against it, including doctors, and they weren’t doing it based on an educated background, they based it on faith/religion.

Number nineteen refers to the anti-immigration pitch that many Republicans (and some Democrats) make.

Number twenty refers to the position on stem cell research that is actually a position that is officially taken by the party. Nancy Reagan was vilified by some members of the Republican party when she came out in support of it.

Number twenty-one refers to the tendency of all politicians to refer to their opposition as being the dishonest one. The truth about human nature is that we’re all flawed.

Number twenty-two is pretty much a summary. If a party wants to legislate private matters, then it seems like they are not truly a party promoting smaller government.

The addendum to the whole thing (in the BTW section) is in reference to something a particular person had said to me.

Now, when you replied originally, you said that Tumblr was for being awful and offensive, which may very well be true.  This post wasn’t originally written for Tumblr, though.  It was a post I made on Facebook, which may not be the best place in the world for manners either.  It was a post that I made after spending a whole day reading things said by people I went to elementary, middle, and high school with, as well as by people who are much older than me and should know better.  It was something that I wrote as a rant to get out my personal frustration with having to hear about the glories of the Republican party.  If you actually look at the tag for the entry, you will see it says rant.  Rants, even in public places, are rants.

I will not apologize for offending you as there was nothing that should have offended you.  Each statement was made from an experience with or a statement by a Republican.  You may believe differently from each statement, which would put you more on the liberal side.  If you are only a Republican because of feelings about “fiscal responsibility”, then I would say you should look into declaring that you’re a Libertarian and not a Republican.  

Now, as I have expanded on this, given you a reliable source that any poli sci professor would be proud of, etc., you don’t actually have to make the thoughtful responses that would probably just lead to more frustration for us both.

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